Mission Statement

The focus of the Club is to develop players with strong fundamental and individual skills in preparation for a competitive high-school experience. At all levels of the Club, our Coaches ask for energy, desire, willingness to learn, and a commitment from both players and parents to the Club, the Coaches, and our system of play. Our practice drills focus on continuous movement, a high number of touches on the ball, and at least 1 or more core skills. Our Coaches are USA Volleyball IMPACT certified and many of them hold additional certifications such as VIRTUS and Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal.

Our program starts at the 12 and Under level where we teach fundamental skills, e.g. passing, setting, hitting, and serving. Any player interested in playing at the junior-high level or higher can only be successful if she is completely comfortable executing the core fundamental skills. Prior volleyball experience is not needed at this level.

Next, the 13 and Under level is where we introduce advanced offensive schemes such as the 6-2 offense, perimeter defenses, and positional specialization such as Outside Hitter, Middle Hitter, Setter, and Libero (defensive specialist). Our experience shows that teaching these skills and concepts prepares a girl for 8th-grade tryouts and play. Prior volleyball experience is not needed at this level but is helpful.

At the 14 and Under level our focus is to prepare girls for high-school tryouts and competition. We continue with advanced offensive schemes and perimeter defenses. We also reinforce the importance of positional specialization since all local area high-schools use advanced offensive schemes which require mastery and playing experience at a specific position. We also begin to stress the importance of blocking because the game is typically played above the net at this age. Prior grade-school or club experience is strongly recommended at this level but not absolutely necessary.

For high-school level players, we introduce even more advanced offensive schemes such as the 5-1 and advanced offensive plays like shoot sets, quick sets, and tandems. Competition for spots on junior-varsity and varsity teams in high-school is fierce. At this level, club volleyball is an important component to improving the high school volleyball experience.